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The Attivo BOTsink Solution is ideal for detecting BOTs and APTs brought into your network via HTTPS, BYOD devices, spear phishing and the use of stolen credentials. With an Attivo BOTsink interleaved throughout your network, you will be able to:

  • Reduces Attack Detection Time - providing accurate, actionable alerts that quickly and accurately identify infected clients, including sleeper and time-triggered agents, to enable remediation of the full extent of the attack before it can do any damage
  • Non-disruptive Scalability - supports network, data center, and cloud environments including breach detection for east–west data center traffic
  • Sends No False Positives - with a high-efficiency design, Attivo does not send false positives, reducing alert noise and the amount of time and energy required for management
  • Capture Actionable Information - identifies the infected client, it prevents any ongoing communications outside the appliance to stop the attack's propagation
  • Secure - No data or information ever leaves the user organization's premises for external (cloud) computation
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