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MobileIron solutions provide end-to-end security and management for apps, docs, and devices. Thousands of customers worldwide trust MobileIron solutions as the foundation of their mobile strategy. Utilizing MobileIron, IT can now establish a virtual perimeter to secure mobile delivery of business data and applications while preserving an excellent user experience, even on employeeowned smartphones and tablets.

MobileIron offers a number of product bundles to enable you to effectively meet your Mobile IT requirements. Whether you currently want to start your mobile journey by securing devices in a BYOD initiative or whether you require a comprehensive mobile IT infrastructure capable of transforming your business into a Mobile First enterprise, MobileIron has the product to meet your requirements.

MobileIron is available as both an on-premise system and as a cloud service through the MobileIron Connected Cloud.

MobileIron Advanced Mobile Managment

MobileIron Advanced Mobile Management is the foundation for your Mobile IT infrastructure. Comprised of MobileIron Atlas and Sentry, It contains all required functionality to 1) Manage mobile devices in a secure and scalable environment and 2) Deploy an enterprise mobile app storefront. All MobileIron solutions for Mobile Apps, Content, and Web Access build upon the Advanced Mobile Management Product.

MobileIron Docs Bundle

The Docs Bundle includes both MobileIron Advanced Mobile Management and [email protected] It builds upon the proven MobileIron MDM foundation to enable secure mobile access to corporate web content including Enterprise email attachments and documents stored in SharePoint environments. The Docs Bundle is an ideal solution for those organizations that want to empower their employees with secure mobile access to enterprise content.

MobileIron Apps Bundle

The Apps Bundle includes [email protected] and Advanced Mobile Management. It provides a complete solution for enterprise mobile apps, securing both the app data on the device through AppConnect functionality, and data in motion, by leveraging AppTunnel. For those organizations that are fully embracing native mobile apps, the Apps Bundle is the choice.

MobileIron Web Bundle

The MobileIron Web Bundle contains MobileIron Advanced Mobile Management and [email protected] It enables secure web browsing, allowing employees secure access to content presented on the corporate intranet, as well as mobile web applications. The Web Bundle is the choice for organizations that want to begin their mobile journey by mobilizing their web applications.

MobileIron Premium Bundle

The MobileIron Premium Bundle is the comprehensive foundation for Mobile IT, enabling your organization to fully embrace mobility across apps, content, and devices and begin the transformation into a Mobile First enterprise. It includes Advanced Mobile Management, [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected]

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