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  • Course: SafeNet SAS Core
  • Length: 3 Days



The SAS Cloud Certification Course provides the necessary knowledge for managing SafeNet Authentication
Services in a cloud environment. It is a comprehensive 3-day training course in which students go through theoretical discussion and lab sessions, while acquiring a good understanding of deploying SAS cloud services and managing the solution.

 Course Outline:

> Solution Technical Overview
> Supported Authenticators
> On-boarding and Provisioning
> Role Management
> User Synchronization and Management
> Authentication Agents
> SAML Integration
> Self-Service Portal
> Alerts and Reporting
> Tokens Policies and Managements
> Pre-authentication Rules
> Customizations and Branding

Participants will become certified upon completing the course and passing the online exam.


  • Course: SafeNet HSM Luna
  • Length: 3 Days


Course Summary-

This course focuses on the main HSM types in use, namely the Luna SA. The theoretical part of the course focuses
on product description, solution architecture, deployment, and maintenance, while the practical sessions include
product administration, integration, and troubleshooting – all through hands-on sessions in which a Luna SA HSM
is installed and configured to demonstrate a working solution.

Certification is granted upon participating in the course and passing the relevant certification exam.

Included in the HSM course is a module on Crypto Command Center. Enterprises and Service Providers can now
securely and easily manage their crypto resources from one central location. With Crypto Command Center,
customers can exploit the benefits of virtualization through the management of hardware security modules
(HSMs), and expand their IT infrastructure in physical, cloud, hybrid cloud, and virtual environments.
This certification course provides an extensive examination of Crypto Command Center’s ability to provision
service and enable the crypto-as-a-service concept.

Course Outline:

> Hardware Security Modules Overview
> Luna Product Family Review
> Device Offering
> Order Information and Licensing
> Common Use Cases
> Device Architecture
> Usage Schemes
> Troubleshooting
> Crypto Command Center
> System installation and Configuration
> Basic Configuration
> High Availability
> Backup Methods
> Audit and Logging
> HSM Tools

Participants will experience installing the product and operating it to simulate a working environment.

  • Course: Versasec - vSEC:CMS S-Series
  • Length: 1 day

Versasec - vSEC:CMS S-Series 


This training course will strengthen the knowledge and skills of IT administrators and professionals on how to manage the lifecycle of smartcards using vSEC:CMS.


Training Style -

Instructor-led - Lecture, demo, and hands-on lab exercises 


● Introduction
● PKI and Certificate Management
   o Public Key Infrastructure
   o Conventional Smart Card
   o VSC
● S-Series Components and Software Architecture
   o Solution Overview
   o vSEC:CMS Architecture
   o vSEC:CMS Main Components
   o vSEC:CMS Software and Hardware Requirements
   o Supported Smartcards and PKI
● Setup and install CMS-Application
   o Installation and initial Configuration
   o Setup Connection to Active Directory (AD)
   o Setup Connection to Certificate Authority (CA)
   o Configure Operator Card Template
   o Issuance of Operator Card
   o Configure User Smart Card PIN Policy
   o Configure User Smart Card Template
   o Issuance of a User Smart Card
   o Advanced Configuration : Operator Roles, Temporary Card Template, Backup Settings, data export, Virtual Smart Card,       Card Printing, Key Archival/Recovery, User Self Service, HSM Configuration, Physical Access
● Example of S-Series Common Use Cases
   o Smart Card Logon Use Case
   o Configure Temporary Card Use Case
● Best Practices in Identifying and troubleshooting issues

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