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Blue Coat is the industry’s leading big data security intelligence and analytics company. Its award-winning DeepSee™ platform levels the battlefield against advanced targeted attacks and malware, and gives security professionals clear and concise answers to the toughest security questions. Blue Coat DeepSee is powered by next-generation deep-packet inspection and indexing technologies, full-packet capture, malware analysis and real-time security intelligence and analytics capabilities. Global 2000 enterprises, cloud service providers and government agencies rely on Blue Coat for real-time situational awareness, security incident response, cyber threat detection, data loss monitoring and analysis, organization policy compliance and security assurance— allowing them to respond quickly and intelligently to advanced threats and attacks, while protecting critical information assets, minimizing exposure and loss, and reducing business liabilities.


The Blue Coat DeepSee™ Platform delivers clear, actionable evidence for Real-time Situational Awareness, Security Incident Response, Cyber Threat Detection, Data Loss Monitoring and Analysis, Organization Policy Compliance and Security Assurance. The award-winning Blue Coat DeepSee® platform prepares organizations for advanced malware and targeted attacks by allowing security professionals to answer the most important postbreech questions— including ‘who?’, ‘what?’, ‘how?’, ‘why?’ and ‘when?’ Blue Coat delivers clear, actionable evidence and full visibility to address multiple use cases:

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