RepKnight has changed. We’re thrilled to unveil our new name – Skurio – and we hope you like it too. But the change goes much deeper than a name or a logo and we’d like to share why we felt it was time to rebrand.

When we started RepKnight in 2011, we developed some amazing social media monitoring tech, which helped keep the 2012 Olympic Games safe. That original focus on automated, online reputation monitoring was the origin of the RepKnight name.

Since then we’ve grown, adapted, and expanded our use cases to cover a broad spectrum of digital risks and threats to revenue, reputation, and regulatory compliance.  Over the years, our innovations have included Dark Web monitoring, data breach detection and automated data breach response capabilities. Innovation is in our corporate DNA and we continually work with our customers to identify new ways to tackle the ever-evolving threat landscape.

Thanks to our amazing customers – and a small dose of our own inspiration – today we are creating a ground-breaking Digital Risk Protection Platform. A platform which goes way beyond our humble beginnings and provides an “outside-in” solution to cybersecurity. A solution to help you protect your business against a broad spectrum of digital risks. We hope you’ll join team Skurio on this journey.

SKURIO’s mission - to reduce digital risk.

At Skurio we don’t just ‘protect’. We help security and IT security professionals to see things clearly across the full spectrum of risk. We look at digital risk from the ‘outside in’ and illuminate parts of the web you can’t see across the surface, social, deep and Dark Web.

We create cost-effective, intuitive and powerful Cloud based solutions to identify threats, detect data breaches outside the network and automate the response; allowing companies to mitigate any risk and minimise financial loss.

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