Impactful Business insights come from experience. StarLink has been in the distribution business for 17 years, pioneering a unique business model, strategy and execution that is translated yearly into new initiatives that have reshaped the distribution landscape in the region. We apply our experience, and Business Intelligence acquired over the years, to make sound decisions focused on business outcomes that positively impact our stakeholders.

Championed by our talented resources with the support of our robust Business Intelligence, StarLink initiatives are designed to help our end-customers, partners and vendors, addressing distinct areas of their business demands to help them achieve their goals.

We have been in this business long enough to know that cash flow and favorable financing solutions could make a big difference to a channel partner. To our strategic and loyal partners, we bring StarLink Capital – the initiative that offers various financing options for sustained business growth that helps accommodate modern consumption models and industry trends.

Providing flexibility to our partners, to buy anytime, from anywhere is the reason we launched StarLink Marketplace. Furthermore, via this platform, we also provide our partners with visibility to their credit posture and other sales insights with respect to StarLink.

Enterprise solutions have always been StarLink’s forte, however, we also connect our partners and vendors to the mostly unexplored yet rewarding “whitespace” – the commercial business landscape – StarLink Value Plus was launched to give this business segment it’s due attention to uncover the next wave of growth through more predictable run rate business.

As a “Trusted Advisor” we have enjoyed enviable loyalty and trust from our customers over the past 17 years. StarLink Elite Club is our way of saying “Thank You” to our valued customers for their continued commitment and support.

We enjoy our distinctive identity of being forerunners in the value-added distribution business, albeit staying grounded with a ‘start-up growth mindset’. Our passion for innovation compounded with years of experience has awarded us the honor of being trusted advisors to our vendors, partners and end-customers. We work with our vendors to bring together their technology alliance partners to design integrated custom solutions for our channel so they can address their end- customers’ Cyber & Cloud business demands.

StarLink takes pride in carrying an impressive, diverse solutions portfolio of technology vendors that integrate remarkably well to form unique solutions. The Vendor Advisory Board is a forum that brings our vendors together to collaborate towards this goal.

“Data is power”, hence StarLink has invested in Business Intelligence tools that we made available to our strategic partners with complete visibility, executive dashboarding and analytics that help gain insights on the various aspects of their business with StarLink.

Our vendors enjoy real-time access to important and relevant data and metrics from StarLink via this single-interface business intelligence platform - StarLink PowerView, which ensures transparency, enhanced forecasting and time-saving efficiency.

From bringing leading technologies, to niche and unique vendors to the region as well as providing customized integrated solutions and training, to providing impeccable services, a positive customer experience sits at the core of everything we do at StarLink.

In order to deliver the best customer experience, we have invested in five training centers around the region with dedicated teams specialized in training technical teams of our customers and partners so that they are adept at implementing the solutions to optimal use for maximum ROI.

StarLink Innovation Centre based at StarLink’s HQ, is a testimony to StarLink’s solution-selling GTM and commitment to deliver the best solutions to our customers, with specialized R&D function and is at the heart of all the innovative and creative custom solutions that we design with our technology vendors using the latest technologies and API integrations.

Our StarLink-branded-services are cost effective and designed to achieve the best customer experience through the right services packages including onsite support and training - a great way to meet customer budgets and achieve best customer satisfaction.