End-to-End Phishing Mitigation End-to-End Phishing Mitigation

About Cofense

Stop Phishing Attacks in Their Tracks.
Cofense™ enables companies to harness the power of their people to discover and respond to the #1 attack vector, fast.

The Leader in Intelligent Phishing Defense.
Cofense empowers people, both general users and security professionals to recognize phishing attacks and stop them in minutes, not days. Cofense offer end-to-end phishing defense, from the inbox to the SOC. Gain the tools and expertise to protect your brand from phishing attacks.

The Cofense Platform.

  • Cofense Triage™: Analyze and Respond to Email Threats.
  • Cofense Vision™: Manage and Identify Emails. Hunt Threats Faster
  • Cofense Intelligence™: Human-Vetted Phishing Threat Intelligence
  • Cofense PhishMe™: Human Conditioning Against Real Threats
  • Cofense Reporter™: Real Threats in Real Time from Employees
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