The Fidelis Endpoint agent is software installed on customer endpoints to protect systems from a range of threats both proactively and reactively. Fidelis Endpoint agents continually record key system activity and can provide users with requested information from on demand or scheduled tasks. Event data and task results are securely transmitted back to the Fidelis Endpoint Cloud for storage and human analysis. Data includes:

  • Endpoint Alert Data: Alerts generated by the Fidelis Endpoint system are stored in the cloud-hosted alert database for automated responses, enrichment, customer notification, and investigation workflows.
  • Task Results: Tasks sent to endpoints will securely bring back the requested data and store it for real-time viewing in the Endpoint UI.
  • Endpoint Event Metadata: The Fidelis Endpoint agent gathers metadata from the endpoint and sends it to the cloud hosted Endpoint Collector database. The agent continuously monitors and records key endpoint activity including file, registry, network, process information and more..
  • User Selected Files and Forensic Artifacts: Users can collect specific files, forensic artifacts and forensic images from systems. Collected artifacts are stored securely in the file store for viewing and retrieval.
  • Endpoint Status Information: Receive details about each host such as operating system, last contact time, IP address, agent version, and last logged on user.
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