Forescout is the leader in Enterprise of Things security, offering a holistic platform that continuously identifies, segments and enforces compliance of every connected thing across any heterogeneous network. The Forescout platform is the most widely deployed, scalable, enterprise-class solution for agentless device visibility and control. It deploys quickly on your existing infrastructure – without requiring agents, upgrades or 802.1X authentication. Fortune 1000 companies and government organizations trust Forescout to reduce the risk of business disruption from security incidents or breaches, ensure and demonstrate security compliance and increase security operations productivity.

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Forescout actively defends the Enterprise of Things by identifying, segmenting and enforcing compliance of every connected thing.

Identify: Discover, classify and assess every connected thing.

  • Non-disruptive, agentless discovery actively identifies and profiles every connected thing
  • The world’s largest data lake of crowdsourced device intelligence classifies all things across the extended enterprise
  • Continuous security compliance assessment and monitoring of all connected things – without requiring agents

Segment: Dynamically group and isolate all enterprise things to minimize breach impact.

  • Visualize traffic flows to understand the business context and Zero Trust segmentation requirements of any device, anywhere
  • Design and simulate logical segmentation policies so you can gauge impact before enforcement
  • Monitor segmentation hygiene in real time and automatically respond to policy violations across the extended enterprise

Enforce: Auto-execute policies across enterprise systems.

  • Automated policy enforcement ensures a continuous active defense, controlling connections to all connected things across the enterprise
  • Orchestration shares real-time device context among multivendor tools to automate active response
  • Enforce Zero Trust security based on device and user identity, device hygiene and real-time compliance status
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Device Visibility and Control