Anomali is the next-generation AI-driven security operations platform for global enterprise businesses.

We start at the core of security operations and enable security analysts with natural language analytics and secure/curated GPT to drive their productivity and increase visibility and engagement with management in real-time.

From there, analysts deliver unmatched security analytics to protect and drive their business. Analysts can assess, detect, and enrich insights with breakthrough-level use cases that correlate with the largest repository of global intelligence -- and even beyond, analysts are uncovering what has been traditionally missed.

Unmatched performance at scale, simple to use, better outcomes, and at a fraction of the cost. Anomali has proprietary technology in big data compression; houses the largest repository of global intelligence; and with AI and automation in everything we do. We serve global enterprise businesses, public sector organizations, and partners across all industry verticals and collaborate with communities like ISACs and ISAOs.

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Intelligence-Driven Cybersecurity for the Enterprise