Endace has become famous for consistently delivering accurate and scalable network visibility and network recording solutions.  Endace has consistently led the market in delivering specialist, high-performance hardware for network visibility through:

  • Performance: We have built our reputation on creating products that work reliably and provide industry-leading performance. Our packet capture products deliver 100% packet capture regardless of network speeds, types or loads and they provide nanosecond-level time stamping accuracy on every packet recorded.

  • Scalability: Our products can capture up to 40Gpbs at line rate natively and, using EndaceAccess™ Network Visibility Head-Ends, offer a true 100Gbps monitoring and recording solution. With industry-leading storage capacity of up to 192TB per appliance, and true capture-to-storage rates up to a sustained 40Gbps, Endace network monitoring and recording solutions can scale to meet the needs of the fastest networks on the planet.

  • Open architecture: We believe you should be able to leverage your investment in monitoring and recording infrastructure to enhance the performance of your chosen security and network performance monitoring applications. We've designed our products to integrate easily with a wide range of commercial, open-source and custom-developed applications, so customers can choose the applications that best suits their needs.
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