Phishing Protection Across the Entire Organizations

With more than 90% of breaches attributed to successful phishing campaigns, it’s easy for organizations to point to the everyday employee as the root cause – as the problem to be solved. We disagree. Cofense believes employees – humans – should be empowered as part of the phishing protection solution and gather real-time attack intelligence to stop attacks in progress.

Uniting Humanity in the Fight Against Phishing

Cofense empowers your people to recognize phishing attacks and stop them in minutes, not days. Their end-to-end phishing defense solution combines cutting-edge technology with collective human intelligence to protect your organization from inbox to SOC. Learn how Cofense tools, expertise, and managed services can protect your brand from phishing – the #1 cause of breaches.

The Cofense Solutions Suite


  • Cofense PhishMe – Human Conditioning Against Real Threats


  • Cofense Reporter - Real Threats In Real Time From Employees.
  • Cofense Triage - Analyze and Respond to Email Threats.


  • Cofense Vision - Manage and Identify Emails. Hunt Threats Faster.
  • Phishing Defense Center (PDC) - Stop Phishing Attacks in Their Tracks.


  • Cofense Intelligence - Human-Vetted Phishing Threat Intelligence


Uniting Humanity Against Phishing

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