HYCU makes it easy to thrive in a hyper-simple, multi-cloud world. The pioneering enterprise software company specializes in data backup, recovery and monitoring for hyper-converged and multi-cloud infrastructures (HCI). Headquartered in Boston, Mass., HYCU harnesses 25 years of sophisticated IT experience, insights from over one million users, and work with more than 25,000 customers, more than 10 ISVs and 350 employees to create a deep and unrivaled well of industry expertise. The result is unsurpassed alignment with industry leaders and a formidable competitive advantage in the multi-cloud space.

Simple hyperconverged infrastructure requires simple data protection. HYCU backup & recovery is natively integrated and leverages the capabilities of the hyperconverged infrastructure.

HYCU has been designed to work natively with:

With stress-free recovery, 100% application awareness and simple management tools, HYCU makes data protection for cloud simple.

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Backup and Recovery for Hyper-converged Multi Cloud