Increase IT Efficiency

Supporting end-users and their multiple devices in today’s hybrid environment means IT faces a relentless pace filled with change – both seen and unseen. Unlike data center tools which only monitor applications or the infrastructure, Nexthink’s unique approach helps IT discover issues from the point of view of the end-user. Nexthink collects technical metrics from the endpoint related to the device, applications, connectivity and services being used, as well as direct feedback from the end-user to provide a new perspective into the end-user experience. With Nexthink, you will find and fix issues faster, deliver more reliable services, be more efficient and proactive resulting in more satisfied end-users.

Improve End-User Productivity

End-users care about fast devices, reliable apps and services that are always available. It matters to their productivity. By using real-time data collected on the endpoint and feedback from the end-user, Nexthink enables IT to: understand end-user experience in real-time, know when devices are slow, when users are having issues with an application or service, or are dissatisfied. With Nexthink, you can have a positive impact on end-user productivity by being more informed, more agile and more proactive.

Reduce Costs

IT is constantly under pressure to do more with less. Nexthink gathers comprehensive data about your endpoints, who is using them, how often they are being used and whether they are meeting the needs of the end-user. Nexthink also tracks information about how often services such as printing are used. Armed with this information, IT can quickly make data-driven decisions about how to effectively allocate IT budget, as well as identify areas where money is being wasted.

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