The Nutanix Xtreme Computing Platform is a 100% software-driven infrastructure solution that natively converges storage, compute and virtualization into a turnkey appliance that can be deployed in minutes to run any application out of the box. Datacenter capacity can be easily expanded one node at a time with no disruption, delivering linear and predictable scalability with pay-as-you-grow flexibility. Nutanix eliminates complexity and allows IT to drive better business outcomes.

Nutanix is built with the same web-scale technologies and architectures that power leading Internet and cloud infrastructures, such as Google, Facebook, and Amazon – and runs any workload at any scale. The Xtreme Computing Platform brings together web-scale engineering with consumer-grade management to make infrastructure invisible and elevate IT teams so they can focus on what matters most – applications.

At the heart of the Xtreme Computing Platform are two product families: Nutanix Acropolis and Nutanix Prism. Acropolis provides a distributed storage fabric delivering enterprise storage services, and an app mobility fabric that enables workloads to move freely between virtualization environments without penalty. Nutanix Prism, a comprehensive management solution for Acropolis, delivering unprecedented one-click simplicity to the IT infrastructure lifecycle.

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Turnkey Hyperconvergence Infrastructure