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Cyber attacks are continually on the rise in frequency, sophistication, and expense; it’s not a matter of if, but when, a cyber attack will impact your company. Traditional methods of managing cyber risk, however, are siloed and reactive: a firewall tells you only about network security, antivirus products tell you only about endpoint security, and a SOC alerts you to a cyber incident only after it has occurred. At Safe, we’ve built a platform that automates the consolidation of all those signals, then applies data science principles co-developed with MIT to produce actionable insights and quantified risk postures at various levels. With one of the largest repositories of API connectors in the industry, we pull in signals across people, process, and technology for both first and third parties. This holistic real-time analysis gives leaders the transparency and context they need to measure, manage, and mitigate their cyber risk. Organizations can now have proactive, data-driven cyber risk management with the one score that matters, giving them better protection and more confidence to act.

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Cyber Risk Quantification For Enterprises