Date: 28th October 2020
The Future of Financial Services in a Hybrid Cloud World
The Financial Services Industry will be accelerating their adoption of Cloud Computing capabilities over the next 3 years. The future architecture for most banks will be a Hybrid Cloud architecture that supports the deployment of containerised solutions across any public cloud, private cloud and on-premise platform. This enables institutions to meet a wide range of future customer requirements and enhance their competitive market position by increasing their agility, reducing the time to market for new products and services, and addressing the spiralling total cost of ownership (TCO) of their IT infrastructures.
Dr. Harmon will provide an overview of these trends with specific focus on large banking customers efforts to innovate in customer, financial crime and risk. He will also touch on the critical role that alternative data and ML & AI capabilities will play to extract new insights into customer behaviour.
Cloudera Data Platform provides the foundation for extending your workloads to public and private cloud as well as leveraging hybrid cloud for when and where appropriate for your organization.

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