Security Orchestration, Automation And Response Platform Security Orchestration, Automation And Response Platform

About ATAR Labs

ATAR Labs continues its engineering operations in Bilkent University Cyberpark, launches ATAR® cyber security robot, which is the most valuable examples of Turkey’s R&D power, to international arena. In order to strengthen its presence in international markets, ATAR Labs has received one of the largest seed funding rounds in Turkish history from Diffusion Capital Partners (DCP), and is focusing on carrying out an international operation with leading cyber security technologies, through its offices in Turkey, as well as the UAE, Continental Europe and UK. ATAR® is an innovative cyber security technology that allows organizations to integrate different cyber security products and skills. By this means, even if organizations use several products, they can achieve effective and fast results with one single cyber security solution.

ATAR® cyber security robot supports organizations that can not catch up with the speed and volume of cyber-attacks. ATAR® defense robot automatically runs the pre- taught attack reflexes. In this way, ATAR® can run frequently repetitive operations in a security operations center without the need of a human expert. By this means, while 30-40% of the total alarm handling load is covered by the robot, incident investigation and response capabilities provided by ATAR® allow operation center experts to analyse and resolve15 to 20 times faster.

ATAR Labs aims to expand the success of ATAR®, which has been developed to make the Security Operations Centers (SOC) faster, more flexible and smarter, throughout the world, in parallel with its new corporate structure and vision.

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