Boldon James

Boldon James Classifier empowers users, who create and handle data, to easily assign value to it in the form of visual and metadata labels. This is a key step in determining how the data is managed, protected and shared and fundamental to any organization’s data security and management strategy. Critically, involving users in the classification process helps to foster a strong security culture that takes ownership for protecting sensitive data. Recently the company launched their latest product – Mac Classifier – becoming the first data classification vendor to extend capabilities to cover the Microsoft Office for Mac suite, including coverage for Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Key Benefits

  • Adds meaning to unstructured information
  • Caters for legacy documents and files
  • Automates routine classification tasks
  • Improves quality of Data Governance
  • Empowers Enterprise Search and e-Discovery
  • Enhances Data Loss Prevention and Archiving
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User-Centric Data Classification