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About Mandiant 

Mandiant brings together the world’s leading threat intelligence and frontline expertise with continuous security validation to arm organizations with the tools needed to increase security effectiveness and reduce organizational risk. 

About FireEye, Inc.  

FireEye is the intelligence-led security company. Working as a seamless, scalable extension of customer security operations, FireEye offers a single platform that blends innovative security technologies, nation-state grade threat intelligence, and world-renowned Mandiant® consulting. With this approach, FireEye eliminates the complexity and burden of cyber security for organizations struggling to prepare for, prevent, and respond to cyber attacks. FireEye has over 10,100 customers across 103 countries, including more than 50 percent of the Forbes Global 2000.  

Like water, cybercrime moves effortlessly around obstacles. Since governments and enterprises have implemented stronger policy and signature-based protect ions for regulated data and endpoints, sophisticated criminal organizations have changed their tactics, using different tools and targeting intellectual property and other networked assets.

Replacing mass-market malware, this next generation of threats is personalized and persistent. Threats are targeted, ever morphing, dynamic and zero-day. These carefully staged attacks look innocent as they walk by traditional firewall, IPS, anti-virus and Web gateways that rely on signatures and known patterns of misbehavior. Once inside, malware phones home for instructions, which could be to steal data, infect other endpoints, allow reconnaissance, or lie dormant until the attacker is ready to strike.

FireEye Mandiant  is the leading provider of next-generation threat protection focused on combating advanced malware, zero-day and targeted APT attacks. FireEye’s solutions supplement security defenses such as next generation and traditional Firewalls, IPS, AV and Web gateways, which can’t stop advanced malware. These technologies leave significant security holes in the majority of corporate networks.

FireEye Mandiant's feature both inbound and outbound protection and a signature-less analysis engine that utilizes the most sophisticated virtual execution engine in the world to stop advanced threats that attack over Web and email. Our customers include enterprises and mid-sized companies across every industry as well as Federal agencies. Based in Milpitas, California, FireEye is backed by premier financial partners.

Today, security-conscious enterprises and Federal governments choose FireEye™ for industry leading protection against these next-generation threats. FireEye combats advanced malware, zero day and targeted APT attacks. FireEye’s appliances supplement traditional and next-generation firewalls, IPS, AV and web gateways, adding integrated inbound and outbound protection against today’s stealthy Web and email threats.

“Some IPS/IDS/NGFW vendors are no better at handling evasions today than they were when they released their original products.”

Advanced Evasion Techniques: Weapon of Mass Destruction or Absolute Dud?, Bob Walder, Gartner, 2011.

"With FireEye Mandiant, we can now see and stop the attacks targeting our in-house and remote users. It has been an eye-opener for us to be able to determine with accuracy the threats that are passing through the firewall, URL gateway, IPS and antivirus." Director of Information and Data Security, Global 500 Financial Services firm.

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