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Quest One- e-DMZ Security’s Total Privileged Access Management (TPAM) Suite is a robust collection of integrated modular technologies designed specifically to meet the complex and growing compliance and security requirements associated with privileged identity management and privileged access control. The TPAM Suite provides organizations the flexibility to solve the critical issues associated with compliant privileged control in a modular fashion as needed on an integrated appliance.

The key modules that make up the TPAM Suite are:

Quest One Privileged Password Management: Secure storage, release control and change control of privileged passwords across a heterogeneous deployment of systems and applications is a requirement for all enterprises. Past internally developed solutions and procedures do not meet the needs driven by increased internal threats and compliance. The award winning capabilities of our Password Auto Repository (PAR) provides the enterprise class features, functions and scalability demanded by today’s environment.

Quest One Privileged Password Management: Embedded, hard-coded accounts and passwords in scripts and applications are often overlooked back-door security vulnerabilities to the enter- prise. Through the robust CLI/API supported by PAR, hard-coded passwords can be replaced with a simple call script or program calls into PAR meeting the needs of application-to-application (A2A), application-to-database (A2DB) and application-to-system (A2S) requirements.

Quest One Privileged Session Management: From remote vendors to developer access to production or other privileged access requirements, the ability to control access, audit access, monitor access and record access is becoming more critical as companies converge internal resources and outsource. Our award winning TPAM suite provides full session management and controls including fine-grain resource access control, active session monitoring and full session recording in an unmatched size efficient format for future replay. Extensive session proxy types supported including: SSH, RDP, http/https, ICA, telnet, x5250, VNC and more.

Quest One Privileged Command Management: Enterprises today are being forced to do more with less resources. As a result, the need to provide restricted, controlled and delegated privileged access to internal resources is growing. The unique configurable privileged command capabilities provided through eGuardPost supports privileged access control down to the privileged command level. Not only are you able to control, record and monitor sessions — you can limit a users connection to a specific command for both Unix/Linux and Windows systems.

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