Security Framework

StarLink Security Framework

IT Security is a fragmented market, proliferated with many point products that are designed to address specific risks, and which may meet targeted compliance goals, but these solutions typically fail to provide a comprehensive, integrated picture of the threat landscape.

Instead of organizations becoming more relevant and agile in their response to security challenges, increased complexity is created that can overwhelm IT Security teams. The challenge is compounded by patient attackers, sophisticated advanced threats, and the increasing use of cloud and mobile technologies, which expand the potential attack surface.

To successfully deliver security capable of addressing today's risks, organizations need to take a holistic approach to IT Security. The StarLink Security Framework provides a strategic approach that cuts through the clutter and is designed to simplify risk management and ensure that all critical controls for effective enterprise IT Security are in place.

StarLink delivers real value to customers and partners with its vendor-agnostic and technology-centric Security Framework. Decision-makers can quickly and easily visualize multiple security domains to help understand, prioritize and mitigate risk. The innovative defense-in-depth Security Framework helps customers define their strategic objectives, top-down. Customers are able to comprehensively achieve their IT security vision, from the User to the Network to the Application and finally to the Data.